Vale / Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (A Glencore Company) Remote Loading (Phase 2)

Remote Loading (Phase 2) is a nine month duration (October 2014 – July 2015) technology and process design project to be led and completed by TesMan on behalf of the parent companies: Vale Canada Ltd. and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (a Glencore Company).

Remote Loading is a public domain project, the parent companies are provided a progress update, research details and solution specifications in a monthly work package. These work packages are available below for any interested company or supplier.

Phase 1 of the project was completed by TesMan between June 2012 and January 2013. The project’s main goal was a gap analysis to determine the missing technologies and processes that prevented underground tunneling (development) to be completed without a miner getting within six feet from the face at any point of the cycle.

Phase 2 is currently underway by TesMan. The technology specific part of Phase 2 is to develop, prove and test the tools required to clean the drill holes throughout the loading phase of the development cycle. The process element is to enable a Coleman development crew to operate the entire remote development cycle from a stand off distance of minimum six feet.

Month 1 of 9 (October 2014) Work Package

Month 2 of 9 (November 2014) Work Package

Month 3 of 9 (December 2014) Work Package

Month 4 of 9 (January 2015) Work Package

Month 5 of 9 (February 2015) Work Package

Month 6 of 9 (March 2015) Work Package

Month 7 of 9 (April 2015) Work Package

Month 8 of 9 (May 2015) Work Package

Month 9 of 9 (June-July-August 2015) Work Package

Final (September 2015-March 2016) Work Package

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Vale Slag CartVale Slag Car Study (2010/2011)

Vale Sudbury, Transportation department manages one of the largest private railroad companies in North America. One element of this railroad is the transport of molten slag from the nickel smelting process to the distant slag storage dump piles.

Tesman’s mandate in the project was to evaluate, design and provide recommendation for slag car upgrades required to run the cars safely at the new circuit speeds.

“TesMan was able to provide a timely solution to a problem that the engineering industry as a whole would not approach and did not know how to approach. “

Franco Cazzola
Mine Manager
Vale Canada Ltd.

Cameco Reclamation ProjectCameco Reclamation Project : Remediation Process of Cameco’s Cigar Lake Mine (2008/2009)

Cameco Cigar Lake mine is a remote mine located in northern Saskatchewan’s Athabasca basin. Cigar Lake Mine is one of many high grades uranium deposits in the region.

The Athabasca basin’s ground water level is close to surface and led to a form of submarine mining. More details on the mine can be found at

TesMan worked with a project design team managed by Brian Dixon on behalf of Cameco to seal the mine against the surrounding water inflow to prepare it for production mining.

“[TesMan]’s experience, energy and enthusiasm provided significant contribution to the project’s success.”

Grant Goddard
Vice President
Saskatchewan Mining North Cigar Lake Project, Rabbit Lake Operation
Cameco Corp.

“[TesMan] worked for me as a Technical Expert in the design and manufacture of the inflatable tunnel seal, providing the seal for formation grouting to facilitate dewatering of the flooded Cigar Lake Uranium Mine. [TesMan]’s thorough, timely, technically brilliant work made a huge contribution to the success of the Cigar Lake Mine Inflow Abatement Project.”

Brian Dixon
Project Manager
Cameco Corp.