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Supported by TesMan’s patented optical drill alignment technology and practical change management process, RIGHT ROUND provides a detailed development analysis, regular client workshop using a sustained database and reduction in cost and risk associated with unplanned work.  The RIGHT ROUND system allows the miner to drill consistent rounds with up to 30% reduction in development and maintenance costs. The system can be installed to any make or model of jumbo drill whether pneumatic or electric/hydraulic.

“[The RIGHT ROUND] is great when fully understood and used consistently, high quality rounds are the result.”
Roger Lichty
Mine Manager (ret’d), McCreedy West Mine
KGHM International.

RIGHT ROUND v3 (released August 2014) Features Include:

  • Adaptive lighting capability for newer lighting systems
  • Smaller, portable light frames
  • Improved sidewinder capability
  • 5-Touch set up, system configuration time in tunnel lowered to less than 5 minutes
  • Enhances “Train the Trainer” package with videos and manual