Remote Loader

Revolutionary technology to quickly and safely clean, inspect and load using remote control and remote monitoring.

Get more productivity from your mobile equipment.

The TesMan Remote Loader is a lightweight, multi-purpose unit that easily adapts to your underground equipment through our customizable Quick-Connect attachment system.  By incorporating a simple locking pin assembly, the installation and removal of the TRL can be a simple two-minute process for one person.

Installing a TRL is like getting seven machines in one! 

•    Cleans 100% of plugged holes of water and broken ground
•    Auger attachment cleans lifters and lower holes
•    Accurately maps 100% of short-drilled holes and location
•    Operator’s screen shows and records endoscopic inspection of holes with comments
•    Loads bulk emulsion, ANFO, or stick products, plus electric and non-electric caps
•    Communication Station and dashboard
•    Screen cutter attachment cuts without removing essential ground control

Improve productivity:

•    Compact and lightweight - weighs less than 600 lbs (270 kg)
•    Adaptable to almost any piece of mobile equipment
•    Tremendous flexibility - 80 degrees vertical movement, 100 degrees horizontal motion, and everything in between
•    Will clean and load a 20 ft x 20 ft (6m x 6m) round with standard boom, up to 70 holes in two hours
•    Longer boom lengths available
•    Accurate mapping and drill hole depth feedback
•    Up to 10% improvement in advance, better cap sequencing, and less loose on the face
•    Camera provides a magnified image on the screen
•    Screen cutter attachment cuts without removing essential ground control

Safety at the Face:

•    Operator stays secure at least 17 ft (5 m) from the face with standard boom and never has to approach the face
•    Clean and load as fast, if not faster, than by hand
•    Avoids repetitive strain injuries of twisting, turning, digging and cutting

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Communication Station

Maximize the advantage of optically-based drill alignment technology by collecting data and generating reports about accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

By adding the Communication Station’s performance package you can collect data at the face, and then generate customized reports for you, your engineers, mine planners, and maintenance personnel. On a daily basis, your team can monitor drilling progress, machine productivity, ground conditions, drilling accuracy, machine maintenance, and so much more.

The Communication Station also provides a real-time e-mail communication link with your equipment operator for the exchange of photos and information about ground conditions, machine operation, production difficulties, etc.

Remote Loader Accessories

Use tool attachments to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue even more!

Product image coming soon.


Cut through screening with a single stroke.

Designed to work smoothly with the Remote Loader’s cleaning, inspecting, and loading capabilities, the Screen Cutter option allows you to remotely cut through portions of the safety barrier when needed to maintain production.


Regardless of whether you’re cutting 0 gauge wire or #4 screen, this pneumatic tool has incredible power and speed and is designed to work in the most demanding of underground environments. The screen cutter can also be used as a hand-held tool if conditions warrant.

Product image coming soon.


Speed up production and keep employees safely away from the face.

By adding the optional TesMan Tamping Tool to your Remote Loader you’ll get smooth and complete loads of stick powder using pneumatic power.

Get a fully coupled charge every time, no matter how broken the ground conditions are in the hole. If necessary, the Tamping Tool can be used as a standalone accessory at the face.