• TesMan

    • 21st Century Safety Outside High Risk Zone
    • A 5 Meter Cycle Successfully Complete
    • Bulk Anfo and Emulsion Remote Loading Unit
    • Complete and Ready for the Market

Maximize your Productivity, Worker Safety, and Return on Investment

TesMan applies unique, proven robotic mechanization in the underground mining environment to substantially reduce your project time and extraction costs, increase levels of production accuracy, and substantially improve workplace safety by keeping employees away from the face.

TesMan’s patented technologies and equipment can be applied to solve the specialized development and production issues that mining companies face, day after day. We can also customize our products and services to deliver very specific solutions to your individual needs.

Rapidly establishing itself as the ‘Go To’ group when development and production challenges must be solved, we measure our success by helping clients achieve up to a 30 per cent reduction in development and maintenance costs by using our systems, products, or consulting services.


Use Right Round to reduce development costs up to

Talk to the TesMan team and see how we can bring a fresh perspective to analyzing your production problems and find a solution to every challenge... a solution that’s just right for you.

Benefit from TesMan Innovation and Technology

"TesMan was able to provide a timely solution to a problem that the engineering industry as a whole would not approach and did not know how to approach."


Franco Cazzola, Mine Manager

Vale Canada Ltd.

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