Consulting Workshops

TesMan’s package of Consulting Workshops are standardized, repeatable presentations for both operators and staff that are customized to your mine’s operating environment and particular challenges.

Although our focus is the development of remote control robotics to improve mine efficiencies and operator safety, we also believe that better communication and understanding of the mine environment is crucial to those goals.

Our workshops help managers and operators understand inter-relationships, and each workshop will focus on a different aspect of production, for example: The Bolter is the Customer, Optimizing your Round, Plan the Blast, Ensuring Planned Advance, and High-Speed Development.

This important workshop totals six hours, with a focus on improving communication and accountability among all of the loaders, bolters and drillers.

It is a pre-requisite to the other workshops we offer, and is scheduled after our first underground site visit.

We concentrate on having the miners set the values around workplace quality and safety, and begin the process of engaging them in becoming key elements in the continuous improvement of the final product of tunnelling and development. (2 instructors x 2 days)

This periodic third-party snapshot of your current production performance is based on a thorough two-week/two-person time study.

It produces a plan for low hanging and longer term improvements on which your teams can focus, the financial impact involved, and the tools to measure that progress.

The package includes a ‘miners and management’ workshop to roll out and explain the results and offer the opportunity for pushback and focussed discussion. The object is to complete this process once every six to 12 months with the result being continuous improvement. (2 observers (one day-shift, one night-shift) x 2 weeks, plus 5 person days to generate report)

This workshop package is designed to review your blast design - specifically the timing of the round, the product that is used, and opportunities regarding the range of rounds available - with data gathered from underground measurements and observations.

Our team completes three full days of mapping rounds and their results in order to gather material which is presented at a ‘miners and management’ workshop. After rolling out the results, the instructors urge open discussion and offer the opportunity for pushback. (2 observers x 3 days underground, plus 2 instructors x 2 days, plus 1 person x 3 days to complete the report)

With a review of the 3D data that is collected from your jumbos by our Right Round program, this workshop examines the impact and improvements from using various ‘Toe versus the Collar’ patterns and practices.

As with nearly all our workshop offerings, it includes a ‘miners and management’ workshop to roll out the results, detail the data collection process, and offer the opportunity for discussion and pushback. (1 person x 5 days to do analysis and report, plus 2 presenters x 2 days for presentations)

Based on our measurements and observations - obtained whilst preparing the OYR workshop - we present a detailed examination of data, and our proposals for a variety of production methods and processes that will lead to appropriate Stretch Development Rate targets.

Included is a ‘miners and management’ workshop to roll out the results, detail the plan(s), and the opportunity for discussion and pushback. (OYR package plus 2 instructors x 4 days for workshop and report)

(We strongly recommend that this workshop should follow an Optimising Your Round presentation.)