Communication Station

Data Collection, Reporting, and E-mail directly from the Face.

Now available as a stand-alone product is the highly-rated TesMan Communication Station (TCS), a hardware and software performance package that is adaptable to nearly every make and model of drill.


Adding a TCS to your unit is like adding a team of technicians who will constantly monitor the equipment and its working environment and provide daily, customized reports to you and members of your management group.

Through a secure portal, confidential information from the drill is relayed to our servers on a daily basis. From that data we generate reports about drill progress, toe vs collar drilling patterns, machine productivity, ground conditions, drilling accuracy, machine maintenance, and so much more. Reports are generated in simple, easy-to-read dashboard graphics - customized to your needs and recipients - and provide daily, weekly, or monthly updates that clearly indicate how well you are staying on track with your production plan.


But the TCS does more; its also a real-time e-mail communication link with your operator at the face.

Both you and other supervisors can exchange photos and information with the operator about ground conditions, machine operation, production difficulties, and so much more.


The TCS communication system provides the information and control you need to improve productivity and enhance your mine and maintenance planning.