Right Round

Makes traditional sensor-based systems obsolete. 

Right Round from TesMan is a world first in optically-based drill alignment technology. You’ll get better perimeter control and flatter rounds with a shorter cycle, which means far less time and expense doing re-work.


Right Round is a stand-alone addition to any drill unit and it operates independently of your jumbo’s systems. It’s optically-based and uses a powerful light bar, stereo-vision cameras, a single sensor and proprietary software to provide super accurate guidance and detail.


Unlike traditional and expensive multi-sensor systems that must have regular calibration, TesMan technology uses only a single sensor on the cab to maintain heading accuracy. That means there are no sensors on the booms where they will suffer from vibration damage and unit wear.


Compare the Toe with the Collar

Having access to Right Round is like X-Ray vision for your operators because it identifies where each drill toe has gone in relation to its collar. Another benefit of Right Round is that at the end of the shift the operator can generate a user-friendly daily report in dashboard format detailing drilling accuracy, performance, and much more.


Every day, your operators can compare their performance to the weeks and months before. It’s like giving them a daily coaching session on how to reach their performance goals.


Saves you up to 30% in Development Costs

Right Round is designed to keep drill alignment within 5% of the desired angle to reduce waste. User-friendly graphics on the touch screen indicate proper positioning so the operator can proceed or override that guidance to stay on track.


It’s a simple ‘Go’ or ‘No Go’ decision, and the technology is so user-friendly that soon your operators will easily achieve even more accurate results.

Right Round can be installed on any make or model of jumbo drill. It’s an extremely cost-effective retrofit for older manual units because it updates them to the latest alignment technology for just pennies on the dollar. Clients tell us that Right Round fitted to manual drill units costs far less to maintain than the newer, alignment jumbos.


The Right Round program comes with an instructor and training workshops for managers and operators so you can maximize your benefits.

Right Round can be combined with a Communication Station option - which provides your team with confidential reports on deviation factors, ground quality, productivity, development progress, and much more - and Right View, an optional 3D underground mapping program for surveyors and mine planners.


Improve Productivity, Save Time, and Reduce Waste

• Set your heading, and see it repeated round, after round
• Greater headway, smoother patterns, and less loose, with little if any correction required
• Single sensor away from the face is protected from vibration damage and doesn’t require regular calibration
• User-Friendly interface: all control and monitoring through operator’s screen
• Screen compares toe patterns with original collars so that operators can adjust and maintain an accurate heading
• Screen provides operator with simple “Go” or “No-Go” choices
• Operator receives daily report on performance and accuracy
• Package comes with an instructor and operator training
• Easy retrofit for all makes of new and older drills
• Update traditional manual units to the latest alignment technology
• No massive capital outlay, costs a fraction of a new unit
• Stand-alone unit independent of jumbo’s systems

Communication Station

Maximize the advantage of optically-based drill alignment technology by collecting data and generating reports about accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

The optional Communication Station utilizes the Loader's unique endoscopic function to monitor and collect data at the face, and then generates customized reports about drilling progress, machine productivity, ground conditions, drilling accuracy, machine maintenance, and so much more.

The Communication Station also provides a real-time e-mail communication link with your equipment operator for the exchange of photos and information about ground conditions, machine operation, production difficulties, etc.